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MultiD is an integrated advertising, brand management and communication agency, ranking amongst the most creative advertising agencies of India headquartered at Mumbai. Relentlessly reinventing ourselves, here challenges are viewed as prospects to learn beyond the recognized and perform beyond the tried. We celebrate in the chance to enter new markets and dare conventions. Our client base is primarily from B2B sectors like hospitals, media, trade and investment, IT, consulting and entertainment industry, but boundless ideas still go far and wide.
A vast range of markets and product areas, both B2B and B2C have enjoyed our effective marketing services, graphic designing talent, product positioning strategy and advertising "Through the line". Working for in the field of Print Advertising, Events and Exhibitions Management, Outdoor Media Planning, Online Promotions, Electronic Media ,alternate Media Strategy & Branding.

Intelligence is all about working smart and not just working hard.. The company employs some heady young creative guns to complement the wealth of experience the leaders have gained in this lifelong dedication to advertising. Full time, fully qualified, full of ideas and full of enthusiasm these people have the experience and real expertise in strategy and design for print, web, events and exhibitions and multimedia and have hands on experience from graphic design company in India, event management company, documentary production company in India, outdoor advertising agency and various below the line ad agencies.
In addition to the design team which forms the spine of the agency, are people who can research on relevant subjects, write copy for your brand - both informational and promotional, develop your strategic marketing plan, organize an impactful event, create an eye catching poster design, build your website or buy your media space.



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We also offer customized pricing for enterprises. Please contact us and we’ll prepare you an offer.